Giant Sable Antelope

(Hippotragus Niger Variani)

The Giant Sable Antelope reveals itself as one of the greatest Angola’s symbol representing, through all of its magnificence, strong attributes such as vivacity, speed and beauty. For a long time it was thought that it would be extinct, but in 2005 in Cangandala National Park, some photographs were taken that proved the opposite.


Therefore, the Giant Sable Antelope is a very rare subspecie of antelope that can only be found in Angola, specifically in Malanje Province. Such factors contribute to the fact that its sightings are a very rare event, placing us before a “symbol” with a unique mysticism. This is why the Giant Sable Antelope became the official theme of Angola Fashion Week 2016. A magical theme, full of glamour, that will “walk the runway” with all of its excellence, on the best fashion event of the year in Africa.