Just like its previous editions, this year’s Angola Fashion Week will reveal itself as one of the main fashion events in Africa. With just one difference: it will be better. That said, we will have the privilege to attend 3 unique days with the best models, fashion stylists and sponsors that the Angola Fashion Week has ever seen walking down its runway.


With more than 7,500 people bringing this fashion event to life, the Angola Fashion Week 2016 will receive national and international television broadcast and a 24 hours a day online coverage. Social networking, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, will have a key role in this event’s global projection.


This year’s edition, our runway will reach beyond Centro Cultural Paz Flor. In fact, this year, our runway will reach the four corners of the world. But our models and fashion stylists won’t be the only ones that will impress in Angola and abroad. Angola Fashion Week’s numbers will follow the same footsteps


We are talking about 150 people linked to the event’s production, more than 100,000 watts of light, 50 meters of runway, more that 1000 unique looks and over 5000 guests.


These are just a few of the numbers that justify the scale of a fashion event like the Angola Fashion Week. It is events with this dimension that justify the scale, at all levels, of Angola and Africa.